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Application: MF-Wheels-Global-Production
Framework: Wheels 1.1.8
CFML Engine: Adobe ColdFusion 10,0,15,292620
Default Data Source: 1.7
Active Environment: Development
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URL Obfuscation: Off
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Additional Params: pagetitle = Label-Holders.net Insertable Label Holders, Magnetic Label Holders, Bin Labels, Shelving Label Holders and more from Material Flow
pagedesc = Label Holders, Labels, Shelf Tags, Aisle Signs and Labeling Products for every application. We can meet your label holder needs! Label Holders decrease order picking time, increase productivity and eliminate costly mistakes. Insertable label holders, magnetic label holders, wire rack label holders and bar code friendly Superscan label holders from Aigner Index. Whatever the initial investment is for a label holder system, it has been well-documented that the payback in materials, labor and overall efficiency, will be justified by: • Ease of normal label changes •Cost savings of up to 50 percent in materials eliminating, expensive, hard to remove self-adhesive labels
canonical = https://label-holders.net/
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